Workshop / Migration Profile Exercise

A three-day long session in Naivasha helped build the capacity of Kenyan Government officials to mainstream migration and draft a Migration Data Management Strategy.

Workshop / Mining Sector Educational Reform

Part of a peace and conflict assessment, a workshop between all relevant GIZ departments enabled Samuel Hall to present initial assessment findings and dig deeper into the issues faced by donors with regards to teaching and the mining sector in Afghanistan.

Workshop / Urban Displaced Youth

This research, funded by Samuel Hall, is a first look at the situation of urban displaced youth in Kabul. It draws attention to the vulnerabilities of IDPs and deportees, while acknowledging the low levels of social and economic inclusion and integration of all (displaced) youth. Displacement has a clear impact on vulnerabilities – and migration is not accompanied by greater skill sets. How to ensure that migration can benefit development? How to reinforce the skills, potential and role of displaced youth in Afghanistan?

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Workshops / Refugees

On August 21st, 2014, the Agency Coordinating Body for Afghan Relief and Development (ACBAR) hosted the first regional workshop on Afghan refugees – inviting key United Nations agencies, international and national NGOs to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing Afghan refugees and returnees. This workshop, that saw Samuel Hall actively participating and consolidating the report, is a first step towards a coordinated response to the world’s largest protracted refugee situation.

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